Hollingworth Bronze Sculpture - Sculptures of Wildlife and Animals
Animal and Wildlife Sculptures for Home and Garden in Bronze, Bronze Resin and Bronze Glazed Ceramic

Brian Hollingworth- Work in Progress

Brian Hollingworth is frequently asked about his methods used to make his animal and wildlife sculptures

.As part of the commissioning process he always takes pictures of the wild life and animal sculptures to show/email the client.

 Below are a few of the pictures taken of recent sculpture as it was being made. Brian Is making a Giant Anteater, an animal that has always fascinated him

He also uses Facebook to show work in progress, as he makes commissioned animal sculpture..

giant anteater beginningbrian and anteater sculpture

anteater animal sculptureface of anteater sculpture

Visit the facebook page for a more detailed series of pictures showing the process of making animal and wildlife sculptures.

A popular commission subject is a sculpture of the clients own dog. Brian Hollingworth can portray any breed using the client's photographs.

The pictures below give some idea of  a typical dog sculpture commission.

brian hollingworth and German wirehaired pointer german pointer sculpture 1 close up german pointer dog german pointer sculpture in progress

The pictures show the German Wire Haired Pointer dog having been blocked out shape the anatomy and form of the sculpture.

This is just the first stage but Brian Hollingworth already has the basic sculpture, attitude and character of the dog.

Brian posts working pictures on his  Facebook  page -  a  like on the page enables easy regular updates and pictures

bison animal wildlife sculpture ceramic witha bronze glaze


Bison after firing and glazing. This is using a bronze glaze to full effect on a sculpture made to take the glaze.

More pictures of the bison.

back view bison sculpture


brian hollingworth bison sculpture

 Brian Hollingworth was very pleased with this sculpture. A commissioned sculpture that he really enjoyed making. It shows !

This sculpture can be commissioned as a one off bronze glazed ceramic.

It can also be created as a bronze or bronze resin - the scale can also be larger if required.

rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook