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Brian Hollingworth - Hare Sculpture for Home and Garden

Sculptures of Hares for Home and Garden

hare moon hare sculpture

Golden Moon Gazing Hare 

This superb sculpture of a Moon Gazing Hare is an example of the way a ceramic sculpture can be transformed by a bronze glaze. The glaze was fired to 1260C in an electric kiln. However the bronze glaze took on a golden colour.  It has given the sculpture of the hare a magical quality.

It is unrepeatable as Brian Hollingworth is unsure how it happened and just blesses the 'kiln Gods' for creating such a very special hare sculpture

Height 36cms

Price SOLD

  Crouching harecrouching hare    

Crouching Hare Animal Sculpture

Commissioned sculpture of a hare crouching but totally aware of it's surroundings. This sculpture was commissioned as part of a group of hares for a garden. The inspiration was taken from a painting provided by the client. Brian Hollingworth used the picture and created this very alert and almost movinghare sculpturehare sculpture

Similar Sculpture can be commissioned.

moon hare ceramic bronze moon hare sculpture

Ceramic Moon Gazing Hare - Bronze glazed finish






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Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook