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Brian Hollingworth  - Elephant Animal Sculpture

african elephant faceafrican elephantafrican elephant sculpture

African Elephant Sculpture

The sculpture is a one-off unique elephant sculpture hand built by sculptor Brian Hollingworth.

Brian Hollingworth created this elephant sculpture to be finished by smoking in a raku kiln. This gave the elephant sculpture a dusty surface like an elephant that has rolled in mud. The texture on the elephant trunk is a particular feature of this sculpture. The variation of colour produced by the smoking used in firing method has enhanced the elephant sculpture.

Every elephant sculpture is a unique creation being a one-off original. A signed card is given with every elephant sculpture describing the making and firing method.

It was fired in an electric kiln and the refired and smoked in a raku kiln. The smoked finish has given the elephant sculpture a textured grey surface.

Suitable for display in the home.

Price £295   SOLD - similar may be commissioned

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Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook