Brian Hollingworth  -  Custom Made Dog Sculpture Commissions - Your own Dog made into a sculpture.

Brian Hollingworth began his long career as a sculptor working in ceramics. A popular commission has always been custom made sculptures of dogs.

 As a keen dog owner this was always a pleasure for him to make. He still makes individual sculpture of dogs on commission.

These dog sculptures can be made in clay and fired as ceramics in a bronze glaze. Dog sculptures can also be in foundry bronze or bronze resin.

 These custom made dog sculptures  are often sculptures made from photographs.

He make sculptures that reflect the individuality of each dog, He captures not only the form but the character of every dog he is commissioned

Examples of Dog Sculpture made to Commission- The clients own dog sculpture.

german sheperd dog sculpture 1 picture of german sheperd dogright view german sherherd dog sculpture

German Shepherd Dog - Bust of the Dog

This is a current commission . The picture shows the first stage of the making process. The sculpture made in clay.

It can then be fired twice and glazed with a bronze glaze or it can be cast in bronze resin or foundry bronze

dog sculpture commission sculpture of a dog sittingyour own  dog sculpturemade to order from photographsphotograph of a dog made on commission as a sculpturesculptor Brian Hollinhworth working on a sculpture of a dog

dog sculpture commission in progressdog sculpture commission face

Follow the Process  See pictures of Toby being made

terrier in kilnface of terrier

This dog sculpture was made in clay and kiln fired. The glaze ia applied and the sculpture fired a second time.

The finish is 'bronze glaze' a fired glaze with a remarkable similarity to foundry bronze

Recent Commission - Click here to see pictures of the making process

Before he begins Brian Hollingworth sketches an to learn the details of each particular dog

wirehaired pointer dog sculpturewire haired pionter 2 own dog sculpture commission

dog sculpture commission of own dog


Wooden tools take over as the texture is added to the form of the dog sculpture.

 There is careful attention to keeping the anatomy and distinctive attitude of the German Wirehaired Pointer

Pictures below show the original picture from the client and the finished sculpture. The client actually sent Brian a disc of pictures - really helpful to have so many.

german wirehaired pointer       sculpture german wirehaired pointer

face sculpture german wirehaired pointer

"Think I got this one spot on ! It's got the character as well as the sculptural form."

Working Cocker Spaniel

working cocker Spanielside view cocker spaniel

Another Very Enjoyable Commission

Part of the pleasure in fulfilling a commission is developing a relationship with the client.

This was a 'secret' commission, so we all worked together keeping it so until the final reveal !

finished spaniel sculpturecocker spaniel sculpture

Here is the finished commission before it was delivered. What fun we all had over the time I was making this lovely gentle looking dog.

Check the pictures  Even I thought the real dog and the finished sculpture were amazingly similar !

yorkshire terriers dog sculpture made on commission pair of terriers dogs owned by Duncan James

 The terrier dogs shown in the pictures above were commissioned by Duncan James of 'Blue''

Using photographs Brian Hollingworth works with the client to create a sculpture that is not only like the dog but reflects the character.



Duncan James with mother and the terriers. (Brian Hollingworth centre) The two dogs are shown next to the finished sculpture.

 sculptures of dogs for clients. He like to work from photographs to get a good likeness of the dog.
If possible he makes a sculpture the dog in a favourite pose so that it is not just a dog but 'your' dog.
Throughout the process you will be send photographs by email. You may suggest alterations.
 Brian  often suggests to a client thinking about where you are likely to display the sculpture in your house.
 This can be very helpful when considering the size required..
Price depends upon the size you decide on.- and the pose and complexity of the sculpture depending on the breed.

                                    As a guide price - These are only guide prices all dogs vary in complexity and time taken

Ceramic Sculptures of Dogs
A sculpture approx 50cms high the fee would be £850 - £1500
A smaller scale usually about 20cms - £250 -£300
                                                                                 Mid size 35sms high -£350 - £600

Bronze and Bronze resin sculptures are also made. The prices for these are much higher, as other craftspeople are involved
                                         Large life size dogs can be made - price depends upon the size, pose and breed of dog.

                                            Dog sculptures can also be made in foundry bronze and bronze resin


To enquire about dog sculpture phone 01666 829449

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