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Brian Hollingworth - Boxing Hares Animal Sculpture

Made on Commission

Brian Hollingworth has been commissioned by clients to make Boxing Hares suitable as garden sculpture. Each pair of hares has been hand modelled in clay, kiln fired and glazed in his unique bronze glaze. A glazed ceramic sculpture is weather-proof and frost proof. The pictures below show some examples of this work. Careful viewing will see the subtle differences between each boxing hares animal sculpture. This makes each sculpture unique. This boxing hares sculpture can also be commissioned in bronze or bronze resin.bronze.

boxing haresboxing hares

  Boxing Hares - made on commission only This sculpture can be made as a ceramic bronze sculpture. It can also be commissioned in bronze resin and foundry bronze.

  Prices vary. When commissioned size and design may be different from images shown.  Clients may work with Brian Hollingworth to decide on the form, size, etc The sculptures in the pictures were approximately 60cms high.

Pictures are sent by email, so that a client commissioning work can be involved throughout the creative process.

   Price on application  brian@animal-sculpture.co.uk

                       Tel    0115 9262430

   Bronze Glazed Ceramic Sculpture/ Bronze Resin/Foundry Bronze


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Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook