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Brian Hollingworth - Boxing Hares Garden Sculptureboxing hares


Bronze ceramic sculpture of two hares boxing.. They are shown in the characteristic attitude often seen in Spring. Engaged in sparring and dancing the hares appear to be boxing each other.

This sculpture was hand built in clay (see method page). After drying it was fired in a kiln to 1000C. Bronze glazes were hand applied coating the whole of the sculpture. The sculpture was re-fired to 1260C to be changed into stoneware clay.  The high  fired surface changes during the firing and  has the appearance of  bronze glaze.

The sculpture is weatherproof and waterproof. Suitable for Garden Sculpture

Brian Has made three versions of this sculpture for different clients on commission. Each Boxing Hares sculpture is individually made and never exactly the same piece of work.  

Sadly we have not photographed every finished work in the past. Sometimes Brian is so wrapped up in actually creating the sculpture he forgets to be commercial photographing everything !

Price £850 - £1200 depending on size.   How to Commission

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Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook