Hollingworth Bronze Sculpture - Sculptures of Wildlife and Animals
Animal and Wildlife Sculptures for Home and Garden in Bronze, Bronze Resin and Bronze Glazed Ceramic

Brian Hollingworth - Pictures of Work - a Selection of Animal Sculptures

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   Hares    Gorillas    Elephants    Horses


boxing hares animal sculpture


 For a range of  Hare Sculpture  select here


listening hare animal sculpture

Gorilla animal sculpture

right view sculpture of gorillagorilla animal sculptureFront view gorilla sculpture

His work has been shown at London Zoo and sold in support of the International Primate Protection League

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> Gorilla sculpture for the garden

  elephant sketchelephant picture

Elephant Sculptures

The picture on the left is the preliminary sketch made before work on the elephant sculpture

This elephant sculpture on the right  is a sculpture finished by smoking in a raku kiln.

 Brian Hollingworth no longer does this type of work. However he has recently decided that the elephant sculpture will be available for sale.

Price £300   SOLD (similar can be made as a bronze glazed sculpture)


heavy horse sculptureheavy horse sculpture

his sculpture of a heavy horse was inspired after seeing the heavy horses in action at the Royal Agricultural Show. Brian Hollingworth spent hours observing and drawing the horses there.

 On return he made this superb sculpture of one of the heavy horses.

 Fired in his kiln to 1600C this sculpture has become stoneware a strong ceramic material. The brown glaze gives a wonderful finish to the sculpture.

SOLD This sculpture has been purchased but similar can be made on commission

 orangutan sculpture

Orangutan sheltering under a leaf

For more information about this sculpture see Commission page 

Farm animals 

gloucester cow sculpture     black pig sculpture   black pig sculpture backgalloway bull sculpture


sitting Bear sculpturesitting bear sculpture

   polar bear sculpturehimalayan moon bear sculpture

Bears are excellent subjects for animal sculpture. Their bulky form of the animals is just right for making an interesting sculpture.

Brian has made a variety of bears during his long career as a sculptor. The enjoyment he has in creating them is evident in every sculpture

Dogs   - Made on Commission  Details click here

toby dog commission  german wire haired pointer commission sculpture

dog sculpture phote  finished dog sculpture

duncan james with dog commission

Dogs are always a pleasure to make and give the client so much pleasure when finished.

Brian Hollingworth has made many dogs working as a sculptor. They give him both a challenge to capture the character and enjoyment with the finished work.

See page on the site for details  Click here

 Brian Hollingworth has made a wide variety of animal sculpture throughout his long career.

Some of the more unusual are shown in the pictures below

anteater sculpturebison sculpture

Anteater                     European Bison

female orangutan sculpture

Female orangutan hiding under a leaf

rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook