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From photographs to finished sculpture - Your Own Dog made as an Original Sculpture

 working on dog commissionterrier sculpture in the kilnfired dog sculpture in the kiln

The three stages of making a dog sculpture commission

Brian Hollingworth hand builds the sculpture. It is dried, glaze is applied. Finally fired fired in an electric kiln.

 After a second firing the sculpture is finished. This terrier was finished using a bronze glaze. Other finishes are available including foundry bronze.

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terrier dog photographdog  visiting

The perfect situation is a visit from the owner with the dog.

Photographs had already been provided but nothing is better than seeing the dog and spending time with the dog and owner.

.I aim to capture the personality of every dog sculpture made on commission

sketching a terrier

I begin to learn about the dog to be modeled in clay by drawing.

I am a compulsive sketcher and always carry a sketch book in my pocket.

By drawing I observe carefully and gradually know the dog.

begininng dog sculptureclay dog sculpture

Every sculpture begins as a block of clay. Getting the proportions right from the beginning is essential.

sketchesbasic dog commission shapebrian and dog

A mixture of photographs and sketches are my source material throughout the whole sculpture process.

The 'extra' leg at the front is a prop to stop everything from collapsing.

dog commission sculpture blocked outdog sculpture takes shape

dog sculpture left sidedog sculpture turnedother side dog sculpture

Throughout the making process the client is able to watch progress by email or Facebook

head dog commissionhead dog sculpture facinghead dog sculpture left side view

finishing touches dog commissionside view finishing touches dog commission

Attention to detail is essential. Brian does not make any dog - he aims to make your dog.

The ears of this terrier had to be exactly right. The client was able to visit to confirm the detail

Brian can also work from photographs, consulting with you at every stage.

dog os kilnbrian and dog sculpture

Nothing better than a successful firing. This is called biscuit ware. It is porous and ready to take the glaze finish.

glazing dog sculptureglazinz a dog sculpture

The 'biscuit' fired sculpture is now ready to take the glaze.

This is a slow task as it needs to be gradually brushed on in layers until the correct thickness is aquired

dog sculpture in the kiln

After all this hard work the final firing. Hold your breathe time ! Hoping all goes well

finished dog sculpture

And it did!

rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook