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Hare Sculpture for Home and Garden

garden resin harehare in garden sculpture

This hare sculpture is the latest fine art Garden animal sculpture created by Brian Hollingworth.

The finish of the hare sculpture is high quality bronze resin having the appearance of bronze, but suitable for garden display being weatherproof and frost proof. .

The pose of this hare sculpture is based on the symbolism of the hare in mythology. It is a strictly limited edition sculpture of 25.

For more information about the hare sculpture look at Moon Gazing Hare Animal Sculpture .   

   See more pictures of this hare in a garden     Available to buy now

The picture shows Brian Hollingworth's latest Moon gazing hare sculpture. This is a limited edition bronze resin sculpture.

It is available in  bronze resin with an addition of copper to create tones of rust among the bronze. It's different !

The other is a classic bronze finish, giving a strong proud look to the sculpture. 

  Pictures available by following the links.

Preening Hare 

preening hare sculpture side viewsculpture hare preening view

Size 21cms    - Sold

                            How High the Moon ?                                     

    clay hare      hare sculpture      hare sculpture

Moon Gazing Hare Sculpture - bronze glazed ceramic


The first picture shows the hare sculpture in the process of being modeled in clay. It is then dried and fired in an electric kiln to 1000C.

 Bronze glaze is  applied by hand to the surface of the hare sculpture. The animal sculpture is refired to 1260C.

This changes the clay to a hard material known as stoneware. The glaze becomes changed into a bronze surface that has subtle changes of colour and texture.

It is a quite unique fine art sculpture.

SOLD     Similar can be commissioned

Size 37cms high.

 >Check here for more details

Elephant Sculpture - Ceramic Smoked Finish

elephant pictureelephant sketch

 This elephant sculpture is a sculpture finished by smoking in a raku kiln. Brian Hollingworth no longer does this type of work.

 However he has recently decided that the elephant sculpture will be available for sale.  NOW SOLD

On the right is the original sketch drawn before making the elephant sculpture

  >  Check here for further details of the elephant sculpture  and more pictures

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 Horse Sculpture

heavy horse sculptureheavy horse sculpture


This sculpture of a heavy horse was inspired after seeing the heavy horses in action at the Royal Agricultural Show.

 Brian Hollingworth spent hours observing and drawing the horses there. On return he made this superb sculpture of one of the heavy horses.

Fired in his kiln to 1600C ths sculpture has become stoneware a strong ceramic material. The brown treacle glaze gives a wonderful finish to the sculpture.

Size 37 cm high  38 cm wide 17cms deep SOLD

Price £385                 More Horse Sculpture

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black horse

Horse at Rest

A ceramic sculpture of a horse with a black basalt glazed finish. This finish gives a polished sheen to the sculpture similar to a black bronze.

 Size    30cm wide 18 cm high 17 cm depth

Price £250

To see further pictures of this horse and details of other horse sculptures, view the horse page of the web site.


Bear Sculptures for Home and Garden for Sale 

polar bear cubs sculpturepolar bear cubs sculpturepolar bears cubs sculture

                   Young Polar Bear Cubs - Marble Resin

13cms high 13cms deep 12cms wide           SOLD 

A new finish for Brian Hollingworth sculpture. There are some subjects that just have to be white !

This small sculpture of a pair of young bears has a lot of charm. The two polar bear cubs linked together making a simple sculptural form.

brown bear

Young Brown Bear

 This small bear sculpture is from a series of bear animal sculptures made by Brian Hollingworth as part of an experimental series.

 He was looking for glazed ceramic work that could give the appearance of the depth of fur grown in winter,

 By applying layers of glaze, he discovered that the effect he wanted could be achieved. This delightful sculpture has to be actually seen to appreciate the quality of the surface.

Brian kept this piece for his own collection, but now that his interest is in the bronzed surfaces he can now achieve, it is now available for sale.

Price £225         Size 14 cm high 24 cm wide

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sitting polar bear sculpture

rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook