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Brian Hollingworth  - Symbolism of the Moon Hare

The outline of a hare can be seen in the patterns on the surface of the moon

Symbolism of the Hare

Hares, in ancient times, were believed to be the embodiment of Epona, the Goddess of the Moon.

 This was because they were observed during Autumn and Winter months to sit and stare at the moon, trying to see their own image. When Spring came, the spirit of Epona had entered them and manifest itself in the wild dancing, chasing and boxing of the Mad March Hare.

The Ojibwe tribe of the Western Great Lakes, Minnesota and North Dakota, consider the hare to have been the first teacher of animals and plants and founder of the art of decoration

Brain Hollingworth has used these ancient beliefs to create his mythical moon hares.

Moon gazing   Hare Sculpture



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