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Brian Hollingworth - Orangutan Wildlife Sculpture a Water Feature Sculpture

Brian Hollingworth created this animal sculpture to be used as an unusual water sculpture

Have an idea for your own garden? Can't find it? Brian Hollingworth may be able to make it for you. Always worth asking !

orangutan sculpture

 This original orangutan sculpture depicts a young orangutan in the rain forest of Borneo. He holds a leaf over his hear catching the rainfall. As the leaf fills there is a gentle drip of water slowly moving down the young orangutan's face.

It requires a pump fitting into a pond of water. The sculpture fits upon a stack of stones.

The leaf has a hole in the centre to take the pipe required for conversion to a fountain.

This is an original unique sculpture. Similar orangutan wildlife sculpture may be commissioned.

To enquire email -  brian@animal-sculpture.co.uk

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                   Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook