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Brian Hollingworth - Lying Hare Garden Sculpture

Brian Hollingworth accepts commissions for animal sculpture to be cast in resin bronze.

This is a high quality method of making sculpture. The modern resin casting has the advantage of technological advances in casting and finishing

listening hare

In creating a bronze or bronze resin sculpture, Brian Hollingworth makes the original piece of work in clay. .

Brian Hollingworth belongs to the long tradition of sculptors working in clay. He uses an armature to build the sculpture upon.

 The  firm base of an armature allows him the freedom the construct the sculpture using clay.

This clay sculpture is used to make a mould from which a bronze resin of foundry bronze sculpture can be made.

The Hare shown is an example of the size and form of a large Listening Hare sculpture suitable for a garden. 

Contact for details brian@animal-sculpture.co.uk  or phone 0115 9262430

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                   Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook