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Brian Hollingworth  - Sculptures of Horses.  

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  Having spent much of his youth living in the countryside of Shropshire, Brian Hollingworth developed his love of nature from an early age.

 He would even as a child draw the life around him in detail, observing and recording what he saw. He has a natural  'feel' for horses that is reflected in his sculpture

heavy horse sculptureheavy horse sculpture

Heavy Horse

This sculpture of a heavy horse was inspired after seeing the heavy horses in action at the Royal Agricultural Show.

 Brian Hollingworth spent hours observing and drawing the horses there.

 On return he made this superb sculpture of one of the heavy horses. Fired in his kiln to 1600C the sculpture has become stoneware a strong ceramic material.

The brown glaze gives a wonderful finish to the horse sculpture.

Price £385 Size

heavy horse scuplpture

Working Horse

A raku smoked sculpture of a horse in movement

rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.